Workin' Man

The New Single

Daniel Bryant returns

                          with Workin' Man

“I crawl outta bed...and it takes all my strength to stand”.


That sentiment, experienced everyday by millions of people, is the context of Daniel Bryant's new single, “Workin' Man”.


This harrowing tribute to the middle class is a generational tale narrated by the main character.


“The song relates to what so many of us feel everyday...having to pull ourselves out of bed to head off to a job that most of us can't stand...”, Daniel explains. “As we’re introduced to the storyteller, we’re able to share in some of his memories of his working class father coming home at night...and later, as he looks at his own son, he's filled with a sense of pride that his own son will follow in the footsteps of his “old man”...”

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“They say a boys first hero is his old man...he was born a workin' man”


The bridge of the song pulls us briefly from the narrator and plunges us into the current economic crisis. The lyrics echo the struggles so many middle class workers are dealing with today.


    “Things go bad...times get rough....          for every workin' man”. 


“We see it everywhere we look”, Daniel says, “people struggling...their lives being destroyed through no fault of their own. That sense of desperation and despair as people are literally screaming “let me work!”


“Like my old man, I don't give up...I was born a workin' man”


“Workin' Man” is Daniel's first release since his 2012 album “Mirror”. “Ya, it's been a while since I released anything new”, he explains, “ but the process never stopped. I've written a catalogue of new material since that time that got put on the shelf thinking 'we'll do something with that later'. I recorded a demo album and planned some EP's but couldn't decide where I wanted to go. “Workin' Man' felt like the right song at the right time”.


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Episode 4

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